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My friend’s birthday

Практична: тренувати учнів у читанні з метою повного розуміння змісту тексту;розвивати вміння аудіювання; формувати навички писемного
мовлення; тренувати утворення і вживання Present Simple і Past Simple,
навчити учнів виготовляти вітальні листівки на день народження;
удосконалювати навички монологічної та діалогічної мови;
Освітня: формувати уявлення про структуру запитальних речень в
англійській мові;
Розвиваюча: розвивати уміння працювати в різних режимах навчання, мовну здогадку та естетичне сприймання дійсності;
Виховна:прищеплювати любов до праці;
Обладнання: магнітофон, картки із завданням для аудіювання (HO1) і для письма(HO2), паперові яблука з словами, картки з текстом для читання,
клей, кольоровий папір, картон, ножиці.

Ι. Introduction.
T: Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you today.
Ch.: Good morning! We are glad to see you too.
- How are you, children?
- Super! And how are you?
- I am super too.
- Sit down.
II. Warming up
Now let’s talk about the seasons and the days of the week.
Look at the blackboard!
Wednesday, the seventeenth of February.
- What day of the week is it today?
- It is Wednesday today.
- What day was it yesterday?
- It was Tuesday yesterday.
Let’s sing a song.
I was at school on Monday
I was at school on Tuesday
I was at school on Wednesday
I was at school on Thursday
I was at school on Friday.

Let’s go to school
Let’s go to school
Let’s go to school together.
Let’s go to school
Let’s go to school
To learn, to read and write.
Children, look out of the window!
1. What season is it now?
2. How many seasons are there in a year? What are they?
3. What are winter month? What holidays do we celebrate in winter?
4. What are spring month? What holidays do we celebrate in spring?
5. What are summer month? What holidays do we celebrate in summer?
6. What are autumn month? What holidays do we celebrate in autumn?
7. What is your favourite season?
T. My favourite season is summer because I have my birthday in June. And what about you?
T – P 1- T – P 2 – T – P 3 – T – P 4, etc.
III. Introduction to the topic.
Today at our lesson we’ll go on speaking about birthday, we’ll learn how to behave and to spend time at a birthday party, how to make a birthday card, we’ll read an unfamiliar text.
IV. Phonetic drills.
T. What do we usually do at the beginning of our lesson? Yes, sure. We’ll train our mouths and tongues.
Look at the blackboard and repeat after me.
The teacher thought and thought and thought
And no one knew the thought he thought.
What sound is connecting all parts of this line?
That’s right. It’s [ Ө ].
V. Lexical drills
1. Look at the card. Read after me.
Hurry! Hurry!
Come and see
Today there's a party
For you and me!

Friends and toys
A cake and a fish
And candles on the cake
To make a wish!
2. Let's remember "birthday" words. Game “Who is the first?”
Fill in the missing letters in the words and word-combinations in the paper apples
and then put the words in the alphabet order. Who is ready, raise your hands and you will be the winner.

c-lebrate c-ke c-ndle
swe-ts birt-day inv-te
ballo-ns g-ests pr-sent
c-rd congrat-late pa- ty

V. Check on Homework.
Pair work. Read your question and your partner will answer it, then your partner read his/her own question and you will answer it, etc.
Did you celebrate birthday yesterday? - No, I didn’t celebrate my birthday yesterday. I celebrated my birthday last month.
Did they get the presents yesterday? - Yes, they got many presents yesterday.
Did you invite guests to your birthday party? - Yes, I invited many guests to my birthday party.
Did she dance at birthday party? - No, she didn’t dance at birthday party. She was ill.
VI. Listening comprehension.
While-Listening Activity.
Fill in the gaps.
Nelly: Hello. Please, (1) I speak to Ann?
Ann: Yes, it's me. Hello.
N: This is Nelly, here. How are you, Ann?
A: I'm (2), thank you. And you?
N: I'm (3). I'm having a birthday (4) on (5). Can you come?
A: Of course, I can. With pleasure.
N: Great. Come on (6) at (7) o'clock. See you then. Bye.
A: Bye.
T: Listen to the dialogue. Complete the task in your handout with the words.
Nelly: Hello. Please, may I speak to Ann?
Ann: Yes, it's me. Hello!
N: This is Nelly, here. How are you, Ann?
A: I'm fine, thank you. And you?
N: I'm OK. I'm having a birthday party on Friday. Can you come?
A: Of course, I can. With pleasure.
N: Great. Come on Friday at two o'clock. See you then. Bye.
A: Bye.
Key: 1) may; 2) fine; 3) OK; 4) party; 5) Friday; 6) Friday; 7) two.
Post-Listening Activity.
Т: Answer the questions. Who is having a birthday party?
Who is Ann?
When is the birthday party?
VII. Relaxation.
I see that you are tired. Let’s have a rest. Stand up, please.
Hands on your hips Touch your shoulders
Hands on your knees Touch your nose
Put them behind you Touch your ears
If you please Touch your toes.
VIII. Working with the text
1. Dialogue Teacher — Pupils on the topic "Birthday"
Teacher's questions before reading the text:
— Do you like your birthday?
— Do you have a birthday party?
— Do your friends come to you when you have a birthday?
— Do they bring you presents?
— What presents do you (children) like?
— What is the best present for you?
— What do you usually do during your birthday party?
— Do you play any games? Do you sing songs? Etc.
2. Reading the text
1. Children read the text "My friend’s Birthday".

I have a friend. His name is Tom. Yesterday was the eleventh of March. It was Tom's birthday. Early in the morning Mummy and Daddy came into his room and said, "Many
happy returns of the day! There are three presents for you in the living room".
So Tom got up quickly and ran into the living room. He opened the door of the living room and saw the presents on the table. Mummy gave him a book. Daddy gave him a new toy car. His sister gave him a box of chocolate sweets. In the afternoon there was a birthday party. At three o'clock Tom's friends came. They brought him a lot of presents: toys, books, sweets and many other things. Tom thanked them all.
Then he showed them his presents. After that they played games in Tom's room. At half past four Tom's mother asked them to come to the living room. On the table they saw a big birthday cake with nine candles in it — Tom was nine that day. His friends sang him a birthday song:
Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Tommy! Happy birthday to you!
Mother gave the children tea, cakes, sweets, fruit and a lot of other tasty things. Granny and grandpa came in the evening. They brought him a present, too. Do you know what they brought? It was a nice little funny puppy! How happy he was to get that present!
2. They look for sentences describing the illustrations to the story.
3. Children look for sentences with verbs in the Past Simple Tense.
3. Answering questions after reading the text
— What day was it yesterday?
— Who came into Tom's room early in the morning?
— What presents did Tom get from his family?
— When did he have a birthday party?
— What presents did his friends bring him?
— Did they sing him a birthday song?
— What did Mother give the children to eat?
— Whose present was the best for Tom?
IX. Writing
Teacher. And now you are going to work in teams. You have got some sets with words
Your task is to make up sentences from the given words. (Children make up sentences).
1. Tom had a birthday party yesterday.
2. He got many presents on his birthday
3. Mother gave the children a tasty cake.
4. They liked the birthday party very much.
5. His friends sang a birthday song for Tom.
6. The boy liked all his presents.
Teacher. Excellent! The first to finish the task was team number ... Here are your
presents. And now you should write down the sentences into your exercise-books.
X. It’s interesting to know!
If you like to go to the birthday party you must know a simple rule. Let’s read it.

Let’s try to make a birthday card. We need …


Line of bend.

Line of cut.

Bend the sheet of the coloured paper, and
cut it, as shown on a scheme.

Glue it on the sheet of cardboard. Decorate a cake with paper
candles, cream and candied fruits.

Look! It’s a nice birthday card!
Don’t forget to write – Happy Birthday!

XI. Summing up.
Did you like our lesson? You’ve done a lot of work today. Thank you very much.
Your homework is to make a birthday card for your friend.
You get the following marks: …

HO2 :

birthday Tom yesterday had a party

He his presents got many on birthday

the children tasty Mother a cake gave

much They the birthday liked party very

Tom for a song sang friends His birthday

The liked boy all presents his
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