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Job and Proffesion

Тема: Job and Proffesion
Мкта: Узагальнити та систематизувати знання учнів з даної теми. Вдосконалювати навички аудіювання,говоріння,читання і письма. Розвивати мовну здогадку й мовленнєву реакцію учнів. Активізувати творчі здібності учні,формувати уміння працювати в команді. Виховувати відповідальне ставлення до вибору майбутньої професії,а також загальну культуру учнів.

І. Introduction
1. .Greeting
2. Warm-up
3. Aim
ІІ. Main part
1. Competition «Greetings»
2. Competition «Warm-up»
3. Competition «Make a sentence…»
4. Competition « Guess the rebuses…»
5. Competition « Ox-eye daisy»
6. Competition «How to choose the right career»
7. Competition «Find the mistakes»
8.Captain’s competition
9.Competition «Home task»
10. Competition «Cinquain»

ІІI. Summing-up
1. Summarizing.
2. Reflection.
3. Evaluation.

І. Introduction
1. .Greeting
T: Good morning! I’m glad to see you! How are you getting on?
In a good mood let’s start our unusual lesson. The lesson will be in the form of competition which is called «Club of merry and quick –witted». You will take part in different competitions. For each right answer you will get a smile. The winner will be the team with the most smiles.
2. Aim
T: The lesson is the last one on the topic «Job and Profession». We had several lessons to discuss the problem and to find out the ways to choose the right profession. You have learned a lot of new words and expressions. And today we’ll see how successful you were in your work (slide1).
During our lesson you’ll revise and summarize the lexical words about professions. You will do a lot of tasks, guess the rebuses. You’ll present your master-class about your profession. You’ll watch and listen to the «Job song» and you’ll get some information “How to choose the right career».
Try to answer the problem question at the end of the lesson: «What is important in choosing a profession? » (slide2)

3. Warm-up (slide3)
“Every man is a blacksmith of his fortune”
Каждый человек – кузнец своего счастья.

Rules of work in the group(slide 4):
1. Be polite and communicative.
2. Be attentive.
3. Help your classmates.
4. Listen to the answers carefully.
5. Don’t be angry when you are not corrected.
6. Try not to interrupt the speakers.
7. Take an active part in any discussion.

ІІ. Main part
1. Greetings
T: Ladies and gentlemen! Let me introduce our teams.
The first team, welcome, please! (The first team comes).
1-st team: We are –Merry Actors!
We want to know how
We want to know more
Let’s play together now
And don’t say «What a bore!
We like to read,we like to write
We play out and inside
We want to have a lot of friends
Let’s clap together our hands!
T: Thank you very much! And the second team, welcome!
2-d team: We are- Funny Singers!
(The song «On Monday he sleeps in his office…»)
2. Competition «Warm-up»
T: Thank you very much! Now listen to the Job song and put the pictures in order. Give the names of the professions. (slide 5, 6, 7).
3. Competition « Make a sentence…»
T: Thank you very much! And the next task is to make a sentense, but one word is odded.You must be the quickest. (slide 8,9).
4. Competition «Guess the rebuses…»
T: Your next task is to guess the rebuses (slide10).
5. Competition «Ox-eye daisy»
T: Your next task is called «Ox-eye-daisy». One member of the team must tear off a petal of the flower and give the meaning of the word. (slide11,12).
6. Competition «How to choose the right career»
T: Watch the video «How to choose the right career» and be ready to give the answers (slide13,14).
7. Competition «Find the mistakes»
a) T: Now I want you to listen to the dialogues between the employer and applicant. Be ready to find the mistakes. (Pupils act their dialogues).
b) T: Watch the video «Looking for a job» and find the mistakes (slide15-21)
8. Captain’s competition
T: Captains! You have to tell us why you want to be a computer operator (essay).
9.Competition «Home task»
T: Now it’s high time to check on your homework. It will be your master-class. You had to prepare different tasks to advertise your future profession.
10. Competition «Cinquain»
T: Your last task is to compose a cinquain (slide22,23)

ІІI. Summing-up
1. Summarizing.
T: At our unusual lesson we have spoken about the world of jobs. Of course, it’s very important to make the right choice. But I think it is more important what kind of person you will become. I wish you to find yourself in this world, be kind, be honest, be noble everywhere and in everything!

T: And now let’s answer the problem question: «What is important in choosing a profession? »
T: I think that availability of inclinations, abilities, the opinion of the parents and friends, knowledge of the profession, your skills and talent, your dream are important in choosing a profession.

T: If you want to choose the right profession try to use the so-called «A formula of choice of a profession».

WANT- these are your interests and dreams.
CAN- your physiological possibilities, health, abilities, professional suitability.
MUST- is a requirement for shots on a labour market, a demand of your job.
If you manage to combine the I want, I can and I must, the professional choice will be successful.

T: Now I’d like to present some booklets for you about job hunting. I think it’s very important and useful information for you!
T: Well, let’s count your smiles.
T: The winner is the team…

2. Reflection.
T: Thank you for your hard work! And now choose a smile for your own according to your work at the lesson. Be objective!

3. Evaluation.
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